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Innovation in our clinic: CEREC, Zumax OMS2350 LED Dental Microscope, 3D implantology

Water laser, digital radiography, and apex locator – have you asked yourself the question, what these devices have been used for? Below we briefly introduce you to our advanced equipment for dentistry. You have more questions? Look under the section ‘Health world’ or just ask the next time you visit us.


Zumax OMS2350 LED Dental MicroscopeRecently to the equipment what we have in our dental center Kavident, we added the newest Zumax OMS2350 LED Dental Microscope. The way which we strive to have the most modern equipment, we strive also to provide best professional dental care to our patients. Thanks to our new Microscope, there is no hiding place that we will not find. This multifunction device rising the quality of the services we offer at a higher level, and dentistry in general.

CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) is a high-tech product that helps the dentist to restore functionality and aesthetic of badly damaged teeth. In brief, once the tooth is prepared for restoration, shoulder preparation is scanned with 3D camera and the design of the model is processed in the CAD system. Then the model is milled at the point of treatment by inLab milling system.

What are the advantages of CEREC

Time For about two hours the patient receives the maximum aesthetic and biocompatible ceramics, veneers, inlays or onlays – without necessity of additional anesthetics and multiple visits.CEREC

Saving natural teeth structure. Prevents the classic milling at manufacturing the crown, by far more friendly CEREC construction. CEREC allows partial milling of a tiny damaged part of the tooth by restoring only that part.

A solid ceramic. The milled ceramic is stronger unlike the hand-molded and pressed.

Aesthetics. The homogeneous porcelain has a chameleon-like effect.

Natural. An exact copy of the tooth can be made before the preparation.

Digital intraoral camera

With its help we can show you areas on which to pay more attention when maintaining your oral health. Furthermore, it allows you to see all the details of your new fillings or implants. Are you excited about your new crown? We will gladly print a photograph!

 Magnifying Glasses

As regards to your teeth, there are extremely fine structures and details. To be able to recognize them with high accuracy, dentists often use binocular glasses. They look like ordinary glasses with lens on them. The attached to them headlight pinpoints your teeth with exact amount of light and allows the dentist to see them in high resolution.

Dental hygiene: Sterilization according to the latest requirements of the EU

Good hygiene is one of the most important prerequisites for the quality of a dental clinic. We sterilize our instruments according to the latest EU requirements. Each sterilization process has been documented and data are kept.

 Digital X-ray

You will be exposed to X-ray only when necessary, as in that case we use a modern, completely digital method. Our digital sensors are very sensitive to X-ray radiation, therefore a minimum amount of X-rays is used – up to 90% less than in traditional methods. Furthermore, the process is environmentally friendly – due to absence of chemical agents, and rapid – picture is shown instantly on the monitor.

Root canal treatment

In case that a root canal treatment is required, it is of great significance bacteria causing the inflammation to be removed. For the purpose of measuring the length of each canal, we apply adaptive apex locator Root ZXII of Morita. This procedure prevents you from making several radiographs. At widening the root canal we use special instruments like low-speed Endo Motor and files (made from nickel titanium alloy). The disinfection is implemented by laser, ultrasonic equipment and chemical solution which removes bacteria even from the smallest and inaccessible areas.


Cofferdam, or rubber dam, is a foil made of latex rubber. It is held over individual tooth in order to isolate the operative site from the rest of the month. This allows the tooth to be kept dry and clean from the oral bacteria.


In case of persistent plaque and discoloration of teeth we use Airflow method, combining air, fine powder and a jet of water allowing us to clean and polish your teeth thoroughly and non-traumatically.

Planning the implant placement using 3D Preview Model

If the initial situation before implantation can be set as difficult, we can simulate the process with a 3D preview model based on three-dimensional dental volume tomography. This allows us to decide with accuracy to mm where the implant should be fitted.

Why KaviDent?

You stay in the center of our attention. We want you to feel comfortable with us and to leave satisfied after every visit.! Because you are not only a patient, but our partner as well.

  • For us the professional consultation is very important. You will receive detailed information from the dentist, that you have chosen. Then you can decide which therapy is the most appropriate for you.
  • Of course we will abide by your wishes and needs.
  • In addition to our services we also offer you a high-level service – from coffee and mineral water to financing possibilities, when high-quality teeth replacement is performed.
For a good dental practice and advanced technical quipment is needed, there fore our clinic features full and extensive equipment: from intraoral cameras and digital x-ray to latest generation water laser. All these innovations help for a painless, high-quality and significantly faster treatment of your teeth. 
If you have already visited us, you know, we are a good team and we work with pleasure. You have more questions and suggestions? Simply contact us!