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Prevention / Prophylaxis

Prevention is better than cure – this is the cornerstone in the dental medicine. With a good dental care routine at home and our preventive program we can work together to avoid further dental diseases.

Regular oral hygiene routine is a must for good oral health. Here you will find summarized some tips regarding individual prophylactic.  If you want to learn more how to better apply these advices it will be a pleasure for us to answer your questions during your regular dental examinations. 

You are also recommended to participate in our preventive program which includes teeth cleaning and polishing.



Professional teeth cleaning. Why it is recommended by us?

  • The dental plaque cannot be entirely removed even at high level of individual oral care routine. In every month there are areas which are inaccessible for dental floss and toothbrush. Above all, oral biofilm may stuck in the areas between teeth and gum line thus causing gum disease and decayed teeth.
  • During the professional teeth cleaning the tartar is thoroughly removed and the teeth polished and varnished with fluoride. The procedure will prevent the oral bacteria from spreading. Your teeth and gum will be well protected.



Medical studies in the field of dentistry approve that the regular teeth cleaning sessions every six months could effectively decrease the risk of periodontitis and teeth decay.

How are dental cleanings done in the clinic?

  • First your teeth are colored with a harmless liquid which previews the teeth plaque. This will allow the patient to be shown the areas on which to pay special attention at the daily care routine.
  • Then the plaque and deposits between the teeth is thoroughly removed with fine hand tools and ultrasonic instrument. After that the teeth enamel is polished and fluoride is applied on it. This will prevent your teeth from easy accumulating of new plaque and helps to strengthen them against bacteria. After the cleaning you may expect a smoother and whiter teeth. In addition you will be provided with individual instructions regarding the oral hygiene.

Do you need to know more about the dental cleaning? Just look at the “Health world” Section.

Why KaviDent?

 We like to put our patients first! We strive to make our patients feel comfortable with us and after each visit to leave the clinic with confidence. Because we consider you not only our patient but also our partner.

The professional consultation is paramount for us. You will be offered in-depth professional advice which therapy is the best for you and a number of different options when providing our treatment.  We will discover your preferences and all your requirements will be taken into consideration.

In addition to the dental treatment our patients are offered a wide range of extra services – from mineral water and coffee to finance options at high-quality substitution of teeth.

Modern technical equipment is important prerequisite for the quality of dental services. Therefore our practice is equipped with full-range and comprehensive technic: from intraoral cameras and digital X-ray to last generation water laser. All these innovations contribute for a painless, quality and significantly shorter treatment.
If you have already visited us then you should know that we are a good team of professionals.  We strive to make treatments as comfortable as possible and take the time to be gentle. In case you have more questions and proposals simply use our contact form.