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Periodontology is a dental specialty that studies the methods for prevention and treatment of the periodontal diseases (the tooth supporting structures). The most common and severe disease is gum disease, also called periodontitis. If not treated, it causes tooth loss.

The reasons for and development of gum disease (periodontitis)

The periodontium i.e. the supporting structure of a tooth consists of alveolar bone (that contains the tooth sockets/roots), periodontal ligament (a soft tissue fibers that connects the cementum to the alveolar bone), cementum (covering the root of a tooth) and gingiva.

When we are healthy our teeth are firmly and securely anchored in the jaw.

Gums may become inflamed and swollen due to bacteria persisting in the teeth plaque – that is called gingivitis. When gingivitis is not treated it can advance to periodontitis – the infection spreads to the bone that surrounds the teeth. The bone starts to break down and forms pocket that becomes infected. The patient cannot remove the bacteria from the pocket by himself. If not treated the disease leads to loss of healthy teeth. It is also scientifically approved that periodontitis increases the risk of hard attacks, and which is very important for the pregnant women – they are more likely to deliver preterm.

All these troubles could be avoided therefore visit us routinely for a check-up and professional cleaning. In case you have already developed periodontitis, we can do much to improve your condition. With a comprehensive treatment and good oral hygiene at home, the infection can be put under control and even cured. The present methods are extremely friendly and minimum invasive.  The treatment in our clinic is performed by Water laser – the discomfort is forgotten only after few visits. Surgery interventions are rarely performed nowadays.

Periodontal treatment in our practice

Below we introduce you with the treatment methods of periodontitis in our practice.


Preventative dental sessions

During the regular dental sessions in our practice we track not only the health to your teeth but also to your gums. To prevent the gum disease we recommend regular professional cleaning of tartar and emphasize on the areas that need more attention at the daily care routine.   

If you notice that: 

  • You gums are swollen, bleeding or red;
  • You have bad breath
  • Your teeth are loose

Please book an appointment with as in order to identify the reasons for your discomfort.


Advanced Periodontitis Treatment

In case you have advanced periodontitis we will take the following measures: cleaning bacteria in deep pockets or on the tooth root. When necessary the infected tissue in the pockets is resected. Then the pockets are rinsed with disinfecting solution and the tissue is sterilized and biostimulated with laser. In general, these procedures are enough sufficient and relief occurs almost immediately. Surgical intervention is only required in case of serious health problems associated with periodontal disease.



At presence of indications for advanced periodontitis microbiological testing is performed. Pocket depths are charted with periodontal probe using adsorption paper points. The procedure is very quick and painless.  In the dental lab will be identified which bacteria is most widely distributed (the so called predominant bacteria).

Why KaviDent?

 We like to put our patients first! We strive to make our patients feel comfortable with us and after each visit to leave the clinic with confidence. Because we consider you not only our patient but also our partner.

The professional consultation is paramount for us. You will be offered in-depth professional advice which therapy is the best for you and a number of different options when providing our treatment.  We will discover your preferences and all your requirements will be taken into consideration.

In addition to the dental treatment our patients are offered a wide range of extra services – from mineral water and coffee to finance options at high-quality substitution of teeth.

Modern technical equipment is important prerequisite for the quality of dental services. Therefore our practice is equipped with full-range and comprehensive technic: from intraoral cameras and digital X-ray to last generation water laser. All these innovations contribute for a painless, quality and significantly shorter treatment.
If you have already visited us then you should know that we are a good team of professionals.  We strive to make treatments as comfortable as possible and take the time to be gentle. In case you have more questions and proposals simply use our contact form.