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Dental Tourism – Complete dental surgical and implantological treatments

» Dental replacements (prosthesis, crowns, bridges) with the most modern medical and laboratory technical methods

Our strength is the preparation of zirconium crowns at a reasonable price!

We work with the newest technologies and materials in accordance with the strictest regulations, in modern and elegant environment at favourable prices. We put particularly large accent on the hygiene, on our work quality and professionalism, and of course on the reliableness and friendliness to our patients.

In addition to our state-of-the-art dental services we make it a practice to offer our patients a lot of hospitality.

You don’t need to be afraid of any dental treatment because:

  • we have been working in close cooperation with a professional team of high qualified, trained dental surgeons, dentists, dental implantologists and assistants for many years
  • our elegant offices of calming atmosphere are excellently provided with all the up-to-date technical equipment of the 21st century
  • we use the newest West-European and American technology and materials
  • our treatments are customized and appointments are made for your convenience. We lay special emphasis on individualized care and the customer’s satisfaction.
  • we carry out your dental treatments at favourable price and in outstanding quality in shortest time
  • We hope we won your confidence, and that we will make your aquaintance as soon as possible. It is your smile that makes us alive!

About our location

Bulgaria is a country in Southeast Europe, in the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula and occupies 23% of its territory. Bordered on the north by Romania; on the west by Serbia and the Republic of Macedonia; to the south by Greece and Turkey to the south west. East along the coastline, the country is washed by the waters of the Black Sea. Its area is 111 000 km2. and its population is 7,364,000 people (2011). It is the paradise of Europe, combining both mountain and sea tourism. The climate is mild – mild winters, warm and sunny summer. Plenty of cultural and historical attractions. Come and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Dental tourism in Bulgaria can show you the best of Balkan food, scenery and cultural attractions. With the combination of sea, mountain and spa resorts you will never be bored. Enjoy your stay in Bulgaria.


About our Bulgarian dentists and dental surgeons

In our dentistry you will be greeted by a highly-qualified dentist team, which works in the area of general dentistry, prosthetic and implantology with the most modern equipment and the best European ISO standard materials. To each special case the best dental specialists, dentist, dental surgeon, implantologist, dental technicians and dental hygienists are at your disposal.

Treatment plan

If you could send us a recent panoral x-ray, and describe your dental problem, our dentists and dental surgeon can give you a treatment plan and a price quotation by e-mail within 24 hours. If you don’t have a panoral x-ray, we ask you to visit the nearest dentist (or hospital) and ask for an x-ray or if possible ask for a treatment plan. Then you can send the x-ray to us by e-mail or by post to our postal address.

Get a free quote by email

Get a free quotation and a treatment plan by filling in the questionnaire. We are looking forward to your requests and ensure you that top service is delivered.


Travel, airport transfer and accommodation

Our English speaking organiser gladly helps you to arrange every aspect of your dental treatment from airport pick-up to booking your accommodation in our town.


Our extra services for our patients are:

  • Airport transfer (from Sofia) included in the price of the treatment
  • Accommodation reservation
  • Programme organisation on request

Our pick-up service (called dental taxi) is at your disposal. First make up an appointment, then book your flight ticket and inform us about your date of arrival and departure. Our car driver will meet you at the arranged time and venue at Vienna or Bratislava airport or at the nearest railway station, and he will accompany you to your hotel.

Please, find the list of hotels, pansions and campings on our website. You can make a choice and we gladly book your preferred accommodation for you.


Our dental services and dental treatments

Our dental clinic offers a full range of dentistry from regular check ups to full mouth reconstructions and everything in between on the highest level, to keep your smile happy and healthy. Free preliminary examination and consultation, Free treatment plan and quotation (by e-mail), Free comprehensive new patient exam, Free annual check-up, Free airport transfer (from Vienna and Bratislava), Free WIFI Internet, Digital small radiograph (30x40mm), Digital panorama radiograph (Orthopanthomography).


Dental implants and dental implantology:

Specialist In All Current Dental Implant Systems: Fullplant, Symplant, AlphaBio, Cortex, Ankylos, SGS etc.


Dental crowns and bridges:

Metal-ceramic crowns, Gold ceramic crowns, Full gold crowns, Full ceramic crowns,Zirconium crowns, Circonium crowns, Ceramic veneers, Gradia crown

Fillings and Inlays:

Zircon-ceramic inlay, Gold inlay, Gradia inlay, White aesthetic fillings, Careful exchange of the old amalgam fillings, Tooth jewelery


Artificial dentures:

Full prosthesis (plastic base with teeth), Full prosthesis with gold net and teeth), Full prosthesis with metal base and teeth, Partial prosthesis with clips (metal base + teeth), Partial prosthesis with slider (metal base + teeth), Replacing of plastic teeth into the prosthesis, Prosthesis repair, Provisional prosthesis, Combined dental replacements


Dental surgery:

Tooth extraction with operation, Sinus lift operation, Bone grafting


Oral hygiene and prevention treatments:

Removal of dental deposit with ultrasound, Dental cleaning and polishing, Tooth whitening or bleaching with Beyond Whitening Accelerator


Root canal treatment, Root filling, Root apices resection


Guarantee on our dental restorations

Our dental clinic furnishes a guarantee for all dental restorations, but different types of work are covered by different guarantee conditions. The dental laboratory makes out a detailed Certificate of Guarantee for the patient after the dental work has been performed.